Rest Day

Global Mobile Family - Rest Day 1

Breakfast at our camping spot by the lake and some boating activities to cool off after the killer hill yesterday.

Global Mobile Family - Rest Day 2

Global Mobile Family - Rest Day 3

Hats Off

Global Mobile Family - Hats Off

The energy keeps flowing – how do you get four boys to stand in line for a photo? With a hat throwing competition on the Wartburg.

Back On The Road Again – With A New Style

Global Mobile Family - new Style 2

After a year of being home we’re off on a tour of Eastern Germany. This time we decided to keep it within our own country but have six bikes with us. Moses and Caspar are pedaling full time and Turis and Herbie also get some runs out.

Here we are – very happy – in the bike carriage on the train to Eisenach having pulled off a couple of manic changes – one seven minute platform change and one no lift scenario…

Global Mobile Family - new Style 1

Back In Germany

With our well traveled flag. Apart from the spectacular Brandenburg Tor, zero chewing gum on the station floor and getting a stern telling off for going into a shop through the exit serve as a couple of reminders that we are in actual fact in Germany again!


In all it’s magnificent simplicity – darkness and light act as a powerful reminder of the tragedy of the Jewish people.

A Fellow Traveler

Imagine not being able to hear or speak and riding 850,000 km around the world alone on a motorbike with Samsonite cases attached to each side to carry your luggage. This is one for The Guinness Book of Records!