Just caught Papa Martin getting up from his early morning reading activity at the end of a simple pier.

Double Trouble

Within minutes of arriving at this campsite Moses and Caspar were up on this water slide flinging themselves up and down it as fast as they could regardless of the storm!

Cool Pool

Exploring the Masurian Lake District provides plenty of opportunity for everyone to jump in and swim.

Tick Tock

Mama Julie had to stop when she saw two of these enormous dandelion globes. Blowing the seeds off can have a variety of meanings – the number of puffs determining the time or a measure of love or thoughts but whatever the meaning it’s fun. The clock flower serves not only as a rustic oracle – opening around 5am, closing at around 8pm but also functions reliably as a barometer – ball opening only for fine weather and closing when rain is approaching. However, these were so incredibly huge I’m not even sure they were actually dandelions…