Tiananmen Square

One huge area to run around and have fun ignoring the hundreds of Chinese people taking pictures of us – it seems we are quite a tourist attraction! Swinging on the chains upset the security guards after a bit but it was fun while it lasted.


The crowds gathered to see this leap of faith succeeded by the hat throwing competition but had to be good photographers to capture them all.

Break Time

Finally someone pressed the pause button – all four sit down together for a moment!

The Forbidden City

With so many tourists it`s difficult to imagine how it would have been then.

The Great Wall

The longest wall in the world or as Caspar funnily jokes “the tallest wall in the world.” We loved our day of walking this together.

Never Ending Story

Once Herbie set foot on the great wall there was no stopping him!

Down Under

Drainage channels on the Great Wall are fascinating places for boys to explore.


Exploring Beijing on the subway – also in rush hour – although without bikes.


“Runway clear, Pilot Moses” – these funny motorcycle helmets were being sold at the market.


Heading off across the quiet streets of Beijing to the train station to catch the Trans-Siberian Express to Ulaanbaatar.

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