The Whole Caboush

As we arrived at our campsite we had been sheltering from a big shower when suddenly the sun came out again and we turned round to see a complete rainbow in the woods right in front of our noses. We may not have found a pot of gold but this moment was worth one!

Holy Cow!

A cross decorated with ribbons and flowers stands in virtually every village and in the background a herd of cows waiting patiently to cross the road and loose a few kilos into the milk churn.

Lost and Found

After having searched earlier today in the cementry in Elk, by chance along our route we came across a cementry for German soldiers. Here we found one of Martin’s ancestors!


The most loved area by all in this playground and a rarity that Mama Julie only needs to look in one direction with all four boys playing together.

Bus Stop

Perfect timing that this little hidey hole showed up along the way just as a big thunder storm was approaching.


The competition is immense – Who is the biggest splasher?  – Vote red or green please!