Mongolian Family

A Mongolian overheard us speaking German at the bus station who had spent studied in Rostock/Germany years ago and was eager to dust off the cobwebs and start speaking German again. We had a lovely dinner with him and his family and stayed overnight with them.


The traffic and pollution is dreadful in UB – we had seen quite a few car crashes here but on our ride to the bus station we came across this poor little nine year old girl who got hit by a car. The least we could do was try to help keep her warm with our blanket and stop anyone moving her until the emergency services finally arrived.

Cold Spell

Minus degrees, a bitter Siberian wind, snowy mountains and enough snow to make a few snowballs and get us to buy woolly mittens! Watch the hat Turis!

Big Buddha

Pretty impressive that this hollow chap is only 26 m tall and filled with 27 tonnes of medicinal herbs amongst other things!

Bed for the Night

We saw some movement at an agricultural site and headed up the track to see if we could shelter there. A kind and welcoming Mongolian lady instantly ushered us all inside her Ger and gave us all warm milk – Mongoian style – to drink and offered us dinner and her and her husbands’ beds for the night.