Water Hole

Julie trying to keep up with our Olympic swimmer & Herbie looking on just waiting for his turn!


Stick Man

Forget Batman – Ben is a real Stickman.  The boys absolutely loved this game and are still busy telling other kids they meet all about it. After Stickman left to go fishing they also did some fishing from their tree house.


Blackberry Popsicles

Amazing what refreshingly pops up in a redwood forest just when things are getting unbearably hot! Very cold & very yummy!


Whale in the River

We heard about this miles beforehand – a whale stuck in the river by the bridge over the highway. The boys were delighted with all the water squirting despite being also concerned about the whale being able to get out!

Drive-Thru Tree

In the country of Drive-Thru’s  from Fast Food & Coffee to Pharmacies & Banks this tree had to exist!

Place: Klamath

Cathedral Tree

One root divides into 8 enormous trees – couples get married here (there is also a baby cathedral tree – wedding reservations accepted 600 years in advance!)

Place: Trees of mystery, Klamath