Easy One

Firmly back in EU again and crossing the border is practically like entering a new county.

Stickman Returns

Moses remembered Stickman Ben from the early days when we had been camping in the Redwoods/USA and lovingly played this game with them as they played it again this morning.

Sandy Sarnies

A picnic on the beach, some extra seasoning for the cucumber slices and a seaweed tossing competition afterwards.

Riding on the Beach

Yes it was possible! No it’s not a photshop job! The sand was so compressed even with all our luggage we could still ride without beaching!


Without snow – the reindeers or huskies just pull their brother along on our waterproof bags. Mama has since had to do a few repairs on their trousers from the reins pulling on them but the waterproof bags survived their ordeal well!