United Arabian Emirates

Power Nap

What to do when you arrive in an airport in the middle of the dark dark night  – you don’t want to ride –  but due to the time difference it would have been 8am where you’ve come from? Power nap required?! Well it turns out the bikes and trailers build a perfect castle in the corner, roll out the isolation mats, get out the activity books and start snoring! Night night!

Land of the Mosque

They couldn`t be more of a contrast to green forested hilly New Zealand –
welcome to dry sandy flat Arabia – and beautiful mosques!

Towers of Arabia

Around Corniche Road and Ethiat Towers in desert mega city Abu Dhabi.

Remote Controlled Kids

This really made us laugh. Why use a buggy when you have this remote control car for your kids!
Apparently the batteries last for 4 hours.

Abu Dhabi Skyline

Looking back from the dust of Saadiyat Island in the making (Island of happiness and luxury). What makes you happy?

Amazing Curves

And an almost empty highway for the next city to be built on sand!

Horse Power

Who has more horse power?!


Full of slides!

Ferrari World

Better than the real thing!

Pitt Stop Engineers

Practising to be the fastest wheel changers or perhaps rollers!

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