El Salvador


A very friendly family offer us their rancho to stay in. Next morning the men of the house meticulously mend fishing nets in the garden.

Mosquito Paradise

Exploring this little fishing village – Mosquito Paradise!

Repairing Punctures and…

… spotting chicken buses, eating water melon and playing roller games with sticks.

Black Sand Fun!

Playing and chilling out in the waves on this huge empty black sandy beach as sun begins to set.

Oo Oo Tunnel!

One of many dark and eerie tunnels that save us from even more hills today!

Bull Truck

An unexpected neighbour in the parking lot!

Helping Hand!

Saved this man carrying his wood back to his village today (at least 2km walking)!

Preparing to Fly!

Swimming pool action with Papa.

Tough One!

The view is pretty good but cycling is tough with temperatures over 35 degrees, high humidity, 500m in altitude – 5 gallons (18,92l) of water consumed for this 35km ride.

Washing in the River

A common sight: people washing clothes and themselves in the river.

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