This donkey brayed so loudly as we rode past we couldn’t help but notice him! (Donkey says Eeeeeeee–Awwwwwe! – an animal that seems to reflect the lifestyle in Bahia – tranquillo!)


Unfortunately a frequent sight and pretty stinky and intoxicating as they are burning literally all the rubbish where there is no collection service.


Good job these weren’t the tallest as Martin had to hop in to rescue a lost Croc! Amazing picnic spot apart from all the litter.

Elvis Jeans!

At first glance Julie thought these were Elvis Jeans. We had been wondering if they were a brand the cattle beside liked!

Boat Watching

Our window opening out onto the river in Itubera – perfect for spectating boats and jet skis. If the boys were a bit older we may have been wondering why they were so interested in this boat called The Three Sisters 🙂