How Much Bail?

A lot of hay making and we were all fascinated to see how the process actually worked.

Holy Hill

Similar to guess the number of sweeties in the jar we asked the boys if they count how many crosses they could see but this time we were outsmarted as their answer was “too many to count!”

New Toys

Trying out this Lithuanian bike touring family’s equipment – the extra bike would actually take three  children on the bench seat at the back but they would have to hold on themselves!

The Bringer of Babies

Or so the old wives’ tale goes… The magnificent stork is the towering centre point of many a village – here a parent feeding the hungry young ones.

Lakeside Camping

Not a bad spot to pitch our tent tonight. No showers but a swim in the lake instead.

Stepping Stones

Hopping across the wooden logs was great entertainment for the youngest two.

Back Yard

Being German speakers cames in handy again as a  kind German speaking villager let us put up our tent in his back garden when he realised that we were too far from the next campsite for tonight.

Low Cloud Warning

But at least the rain has stopped!

Kaunas Bike Rackers

With some “Alice in Wonderland” imagination why shouldn’t these racks be rocket launch pads or race tracks.

Bubble Mania

A festival in the city and gigantic bubbles flying through the air to chase.

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