Back On The Road Again – With A New Style

Global Mobile Family - new Style 2

After a year of being home we’re off on a tour of Eastern Germany. This time we decided to keep it within our own country but have six bikes with us. Moses and Caspar are pedaling full time and Turis and Herbie also get some runs out.

Here we are – very happy – in the bike carriage on the train to Eisenach having pulled off a couple of manic changes – one seven minute platform change and one no lift scenario…

Global Mobile Family - new Style 1


  1. Ali
    10, August 2013, 8:39pm / 

    Have a great time xxx

  2. Gaby Anders
    10, August 2013, 10:03pm / 

    Viel Spaß – Gute Reise – bleibt gesund!!!!! 🙂

  3. Xenia
    10, August 2013, 11:33pm / 

    Gute Reise…wie lang plant ihr denn unterwegs zu sein? VLG Xenia

  4. Nicole
    11, August 2013, 12:51pm / 

    I am so inspired and in awe!! Go, Moses and Caspar!! This is such fun news I can’t wait ’til my kids wake up so I can share it!! The days of lego creations in the trailer while mom and dad pedal are past!!!! Much love to you all!!!!

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