This little gem cropped up in between the many greenhouses on the horticultural Island of Reichenau. 🙂

Tick Tock!

Tick Tock

Whilst the boys cool down in the fountain… Mama and Papa try to figure out how to read the sun dial – still don’t have a clue… Anyone know?



Everything’s a game today! However we’re back in Konstanz and have been once around the Boden See! Had some fun climbing this concrete spiral to cross over The Rhein but even more going down on the other side…



Unidentified Crawling Object – we’re guessing some type of lizard – anyone recognise him/her?

Extra Dimension

Extra Dimension 1

More than just a stop to eat lunch today – a bit of competition heating up with a games of Giant Muhle not to mention as the fire inside the Teepee.

Extra Dimension 2

No Mess!

No Mess

Lovely to have breakfast beside the lake this morning and the ducks quickly “hoovered up” any crumbs that were dropped.