New Road – New Tricks

Hardly saw a soul except the road workers on this newly constructed road. Sugar cane sticks doubled up into fishing rods and broomsticks on our lunch break.

Horse Shoe

“This is a shoe worn by a horse!”
“And why do horses need to wear shoes?”
“Because sometimes they have to walk on the roads.”
“And why do they have to walk on the roads?”
…and… and…


Julie’s back tire exploded – it had also had enough of the rain! Luckily it was just a few hundred meters walk before we found a roof under which to shelter and repair it – let’s say this was no ordinary shower!

Would you believe that this was the first of 3 flat tires in 2 days and after 2,500km/1,500miles + almost the entire tire profile is gone.

Paper Ship Ahoi

Ingrid and Helmut spotted the German flag and stopped us for a chat which ended up staying with them. They’ve been living here for the last 5 years whilst building up the Brazilian branch of their offshore catering business and had many interesting stories to share. The boys also got a chance to ride on a fork lift truck and to sail handmade paper boats in their pool.

Ramp It!

With a bit more speed we could have sailed over this unbelievably steep little bridge like a half pipe.