The Bike Way

Usually the guests arrive by boat to this backwater resort but with bikes we were able to reach it through the back lanes by bike.


Herbe’s claiming this coconut whilst Moses and Caspar perform their “spin the coconut” tricks.


Today’s games are exploring the canoes, walking or hopping poles and fishing rods.

Tug of War!

Not quite  – but it really sounds like it as the fishermen haul the boat out of the water on rollers they really do shout “Heave Ho!”
– well the Hindi equivalent.

Fishing Nets

This method of fishing using huge poles with nets to haul out fish has been used for over 700 years
– it seemed to be quite successful whilst we were watching!

The Yellow Shop

How many bananas?
Moses says two hundred as this is the highest number that he can count up to.
Martin’s happy as bananas are a specialty of Kerala.