Football School Picnic

Moses, Caspar and Turis couldn’t wait to finish their lunch and go off and play some games with the boys from the football school.  One of them even fetched an old magazine about German football teams and players.

The streets of Ilheus

A miniature version of Rio’s Christo and out and about the colourful streets of Ilheus – Caspar: “Let’s go – I want to see Jesus again!”

A Snake!

Imagine you bike commute to work and meet such a lovely looking creature along the road – it had been hit by a vehicle but still opened the mouth for us when taking the picture. After that every stick along the road looked like a snake! Can anyone tell us what kind it is?

Coconut Tree Madness!

The most beautiful beach so far, Moses found his first good coconut and a lot of coconut trees to climb – well almost hey Papa! Any advice from our Brasilian friends on how to climb such a tree?