Inspection Time

After many times of watching and assisting Moses’ first attempt at fixing a puncture.

Elvis Jeans!

At first glance Julie thought these were Elvis Jeans. We had been wondering if they were a brand the cattle beside liked!


Good job these weren’t the tallest as Martin had to hop in to rescue a lost Croc! Amazing picnic spot apart from all the litter.

Barbed Wire Washing Lines

This whole street was lined with washing – on barbed wire!


Unfortunately a frequent sight and pretty stinky and intoxicating as they are burning literally all the rubbish where there is no collection service.

New Pit Stop Team!

Now Moses is such a dab hand at fixing punctures he ‘s showing Caspar, his latest recruit.


This donkey brayed so loudly as we rode past we couldn’t help but notice him! (Donkey says Eeeeeeee–Awwwwwe! – an animal that seems to reflect the lifestyle in Bahia – tranquillo!)

First Aboard the Ferry

On the way to Salvador de Bahia!

First Impressions

Salvador –  an immense and visible difference between rich and poor.

Artistic City

Quite an artistic touch lies over this city.

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