VW Ambulance

We love to see these vans in action!

Building Boats

“… and to the left you can see how Noah built his arch …”

Sugar Trucks

Sugar cane trucks are a common sight – as well as cycling over the canes strewn all over the hard shoulder!

Stuck In the Red Mud!

When we asked a local for directions to the pousada she said that the best route was to follow the short cut! – heehee!  – a lot of rain means a lot of mud!

Red Mud Aftermath!

Cleaning up! And a comparison of Julie and Martin’s bikes after the red mud escapade.


Exchanging toys and building lego with local boys.


The boys have been play acting this for ages and finally they get to try it!


Who’s the kitesurfer? – And Moses would like to know: How are waves made? Can anyone help with a child friendly answer please!

Radio GaGa!

Or Piúma in this case! Our 1st radio interview – live with the boys and being translated from Portugese!

Coconut Tree Climbers

A picnic lunch under these coconut trees with the boys competing to see who the biggest monkey is.

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