Football School Picnic

Moses, Caspar and Turis couldn’t wait to finish their lunch and go off and play some games with the boys from the football school.  One of them even fetched an old magazine about German football teams and players.

Hill Massivo!

Julie – defeated by one of the hills in the very beautiful Serra Grande – thanks Jean Paulo for your assistance!

Coolest Half Pipe

Check out this dude on this amazing half pipe by the beach in Itacare.

Food Design


While looking for a place to stay in Itacare Da invited us to stay with her family. Actually from the US now living in Brazil for a year she blogs about food design (check out her site) while her husband Christian does his PhD studies about the environmental development of this now hot surf & skate place.

Canoe Seesaw

No Overtaking Please!

Spectators from the local hills.


Our lunchtime visitors today included this man and his horse – laden with cacao.

Three on a Bike

The perfect seats for looking at the waterfall.

Boat Watching

Our window opening out onto the river in Itubera – perfect for spectating boats and jet skis. If the boys were a bit older we may have been wondering why they were so interested in this boat called The Three Sisters 🙂

Fish For Sale!

Freshly caught from the river being “tidied up” before sale in the market.




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