A Snake!

Imagine you bike commute to work and meet such a lovely looking creature along the road – it had been hit by a vehicle but still opened the mouth for us when taking the picture. After that every stick along the road looked like a snake! Can anyone tell us what kind it is?


  1. Vange Medeiros
    22, November 2011, 3:31am / 

    Esta cobra parece com uma Jibóia.
    Vange Medeiros

  2. Mauricio
    29, November 2011, 11:40am / 

    I believe that is a Boa Snake. It isn´t poisonous. Too bad it was unlucky.

  3. Bruno Flagnini
    18, September 2013, 3:40am / 

    It is a Jiboia (Brazilian name) a boa constrictor not toxic, eats rats and some smal animals.

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