Little Monkeys

How many?! These little fella’s just monkeyed right on by the garden of the house where we were staying.


We haven’t seen the children so excited as to see these beautiful creatures swimming along.

Touch Pools

More excitement and totally amazing that the children could touch sea slugs, sea urchins, star fish and sting ray (the stings were taken off!) – Would you?


Fun at the Turtle Center – pretending to be turtles hatching out of their eggs.

Girls on bikes!

This group of samba dancing ladies decided to give our bikes a go!

Jambo Paradise

Amazing spot. Pool and beautiful beach right outside our door.

More Please!

BBQ’d pineapple with cinnamon – YUMMY! The boys specifically asked for more and the waiter brought them one which as he sliced they had to take turns in catching.

Checking In!

These three had no problem following what to do here.

On and Off!

The first of 4 stop overs on the way to Sydney!

Trolley Trains

“Chuff! Chuff! Chuff! Die Eisenbahn!
Wer will mit nach Australia fahren…”
One way to get through the airport traffic together!

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