Simply Silly!


On arrival at Konstanz station for the start of our 2 week Boden See Tour (Germany’s biggest lake) it all kicks off… a refreshing start after a long hot train ride. It’s good to see that water pistols are not necessary as there is no space for them!



Could he really be sitting on air?!

Green Avenue

Green Avenue

Lushious green and most importantly shady.

Dressed Up Trees

Dressed Up Trees 2

Why? – well it’s bright and colourful but it’s certainly not cold on The Flower Island of Mainau!

Dressed Up Trees 1

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Of course maps need to be studied!

Stoney Silence

Stoney Silence

If only… more like quadruple trouble and full volume!

Cheeky Arabs!

Cheeky Arabs

Tackling the sun with tea towels on such a hot day!

Pedal Power

Pedal Power 1

The riders in action.

Pedal Power 2a
Pedal Power 2b
Pedal Power 3

Cool Down

Cool Down 1

Pretty convenient to have a lake at hand to take a dip in.

Cool Down 3

Hole In One!

Hole In One 1 Hole In One 2

The mini golfers are on tour!

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