Helping Hand

Helping Hand

…from Mama on the uphills or when needed.


Tick Tock!

Tick Tock

Whilst the boys cool down in the fountain… Mama and Papa try to figure out how to read the sun dial – still don’t have a clue… Anyone know?



This little gem cropped up in between the many greenhouses on the horticultural Island of Reichenau. 🙂

Destination Austria!

Destination Austria 1c

Train strikes meant we started a day later than expected and actually we were very lucky to make it to Innsbruck at all given the train office had also made a mistake with the new tickets.

destination Austria 1b

The Colours of Innsbruck

Colours of innsbruck 1

Including a serious telling off from the park keeper for taking bikes on that lawn!

colours of innsbruck 2 colours of innsbruck 3 colours of innsbruck 4b



The waiter tutted a bit when we just ordered apple strudels from the sweet menu but when in Innsbruck…

New Acquaintence

new acquaintance 1

Just introducing ourselves to our new friend The River Inn – we`ll be sticking together for most of our tour!

new acquaintance 2

Circus Tricks

circus tricks

Bikes can be pretty handy to climb on to to obtain the best view of the approaching mountain train!

Men Only!

Men Only

Perfect Fours!

perfect fours

Whether it’s card suites, quarters, tyres or children!

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