Bye Bye Innsbruck

here goes 1

Here goes! Los Gehts! Bamos!

here goes 2 here goes 3

Lunch Break

lunch break 1

Snowy peaks and sunshine – bliss

lunch break 2

Jingle Jingle

jingle jingle 1

Herbie and Turis are delighted to have discovered cows with bells and consequently how much noise the make eating grass.

The Male Team

the male team 1

With it`s new fully pledged member – Little Legs. The female one is a bit lacking in numbers!

the male team 2

Tired Legs

tired legs

Sometimes pushing’s just easier for a while!

Work to be done!

work to be done 1

Moses proving a nifty helper in setting up camp and prepping dinner.

work to be done 2 work to be done 3


Entertainment 1

The band has a guitarist & sub guitarist, singer and many drummers – good that we have plenty of cups, saucepans and spoons! CD available shortly!

Entertainment 2 Entertainment 3

Pure Playtime

pure playtime 1

First campsite was a big hit!

pure playtime 2

Bang Bang!

bang bang

No snakes or gruffalo in this log pile house!

The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine!

sun doesnt always shine 1

…and we don’t always follow the cycle path…

sun doesnt always shine 1b sun doesnt always shine 2 sun doesnt always shine 3 sun doesnt always shine 4a sun doesnt always shine 4b

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