New Zealand

“We don’t want boys!”

“…in our room!” Say Deanne and Leigh but then they do have 3 brothers. However they were kind enough to let our 4 boys sleep in there during our stay. It was a lot of fun getting our two families together – there were only thirteen of us – nine children between 1 and 14 years!

Windy Welli

Discovering bike polo before the storm – boy, can the wind blow a hooly here when it wants – the wind was so strong that we did not need to paddle. Herbie cunningly sheltering in a play tunnel.

Chuck It!

A stick and block throwing game that appealed to everyone.

Guitar Hero

Barry showing Martin his own Nick Jones style and a few other tips he’s picked up along the way.

Dr. Turis

…and his ambulance crew to the rescue around Lake Taupo.

Huka Falls

Watching the immense power of this surging water is unbelievable. Moses and Caspar thought they might like to have a swim with their new goggles in this!

Natural Hot Tub

A family dip in this natural (37 degree) thermal pool in the stream running through our campsite – not bad after a slide n swim in the somewhat cooler (19 degree) freshwater pool!

The Kiwis

Cricketers as well as a touring biking family.

Double S!

Ouch! The killer NZ hills! But where there’s an up there’s a down!

The Boys’ Table

With 5 out of 6 boys sitting together there was bound to be some mischief!

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