New Zealand

Simply Wet!

Hot water beach

Digging hot pools at the thermal springs at Hot Water Beach – you have to be careful not to dig too deep!


For a Picnic.

Star Fish

Spotted this fella being washed by the waves whilst looking at the many shells on this beach. Funny to think of Captain Cook discovering it all those years ago – if he really was the first!

Boccia??? Boules?

Instead of throwing stones the boys were delighted to see that you can play with these thing also in another way.

Road Impressions

Big Day!

Hoorah! Coromandel’s in sight i.e. we made the climb to 600m in altitude –with the odd push or two!

Orapiu Camping

Stick insects and all!

Off to Waiheke Island

All Aboard! With Captain Turis!

Chicken Little and Multiswing

Counting these little wrigglers wasn’t so easy but there were eight!

Perfect a swing built for three!

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