New Zealand

Maori Welcome

In a Maori Meeting House watching some of the traditional Maori dances with new friends. The children liked this bit of the Haka!


Normal geothermal action in Rotorua.


Bubbling hot mud makes plenty of “plopping!”

Ready! Steady! Go!

The final race – and a tad sad boys for a while after as we had to say goodbyes –  so much fun was had riding and riding bikes and trikes with Simon and Ben.


What a cow day! After meeting these giants along the way later it was a treat to watch the real thing being milked.

Quiet Time

Always time for reading at the end of the day. Nice to read some of Carol’s now grown up children’s old books.

Private Swimming Pool

A friendly local saw us having our picnic by the village school and gave us the key to the pool so the boys could have a swim and play hopscotch.

The Valley

Stunning and flat! 🙂

Cow Field Camp

We had to watch out for the patties and Moses got up at dawn to watch the cows being milked from the tent. Hardly surprising that one of Herbie’s favourite words is “Moo!”

Mr. Tickled

This guy was the most tickled Dad we’ve ever seen! All the children on the campsite joined in for some major tickling.

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