In the Redwoods

In California we were totally stunned by the impressive Redwood trees – the tallest trees in the world – up to 330 feet/110m.

Place: Jedediah Smith State Park, Hiouchi

Family Pictures in the Forest

Where could we take the best family picture with these impressive trees?

Place: Jedediah Smith State Park, Hiouchi

Forest Fun

What a great natural place to explore and play!

Place: Jedediah Smith State Park, Hiouchi

Flat Tire

You never know when you will get a flat tire … this was the 6th in 2 months & on the gravel road through redwoods – little people get very excited about thee! Cause: brown glass.

USA, California, Forest, Tree, Flat Tire, Stout Grove, Crescent City

Trees of Mystery

At the trees of mystery a giant lumberjack and his ox invite people to take a look at some amazing growing trees like this horizontal tree.

Place: Trees of Mystery, Klamath

Sky Trail

A gondola right to the top of the trees – what a view!

Place: trees of mystery, Klamath

Cathedral Tree

One root divides into 8 enormous trees – couples get married here (there is also a baby cathedral tree – wedding reservations accepted 600 years in advance!)

Place: Trees of mystery, Klamath

Drive-Thru Tree

In the country of Drive-Thru’s  from Fast Food & Coffee to Pharmacies & Banks this tree had to exist!

Place: Klamath

Whale in the River

We heard about this miles beforehand – a whale stuck in the river by the bridge over the highway. The boys were delighted with all the water squirting despite being also concerned about the whale being able to get out!

Pushing Uphill!

Julie pushing uphill – perhaps more unusal and possibly harder than giving birth for her!


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