Hot Spot

Outstandingly beautiful – sea lions basking in the sun, amazing stratified rocks, bright blue water, a lighthouse, sunshine – what could we ask for more?!


Stunning views and 180 degree bends.

Bodega Birds

A couple of Alfred Hitchock’s scary birds in foggy Bodega Bay.

Wellies and Banjos

So many wellies but the house is built in the water. Fun learning to play Matt’s banjo.

Tree House Icecream

Family picture with the best icecream makers in Fairfax – we couldn’t all fit in the tree house together so we left it to these two.

Roadside Dustbin Dancers

Couldn’t quite work out these faceless dancers but they got a lot of laughs.

Garages and Houseboats

A pit stop in this creative garage studio to make friendship bracelets. By luck we got to stay a night on this little houseboat. The boys were intrigued to know why it was doing a sideways seesaw.

Golden Gate Bridge

Finally riding across The Bridge! We had been waiting for this moment for a long time.


Birthday Boy

First birthday on the road – Turis is two.


Cardboard Sledges and Carousels

For us adults it’s often about finding a beautiful nature spot but the children are always looking forward to exploring new playgrounds like this one in the Golden Gate Park – sliding down the concrete slope on a piece of cardboard or riding round and round on the carousel.

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