What A Car!

This car introduced us to our hosts for the evening – they didn’t own it!

Sexy Legs

Some of our friends asked how certain parts of our body are… Well…at the beginning pretty much everything ached a lot but our legs have muscles developed proportionally to the increase in weight of our boys. After three months of pedaling these legs decided to travel further on down to Santa Cruz and then back to San Francisco to fly out.

Candlelit Dinner

One of our last nights of camping in US.


Chess Players

A new game for the boys at this campsite!

Scenic One


Bill and Ben

The flowerpot men or on this occasion – strawberry pickers!

Strawberry Fields

A strawberry picking pit stop en route to Santa Cruz.


More like a house or a tent?

Santa Cruz Surf Legend

As seeing this statue Julie signs up for surf lessons.

Bike Church

Martin maintaining bikes in this wicked workshop.

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