Chief Water Carrier

This Mongolian five year old was top at carrying the buckets of water back from the lake – she didn’t need to rest and put buckets down for a minute but we guess she’s done it a few times before!


Never mind the cows Yak now features as one of Herbie`s favourite words.


An old spring bed made a great substitute.

Bike Mad

Moses repairing the bike so he could ride it – flat tyre pumped up, chain put back on – even Papa couldn’t help to fix the saddle though as some screws were missing.

Sunset Serenade

Until the cold wind blew too hard!

The Ride

Around the lake… it wasn’t so easy to get water to cook lunch here as the lake was still frozen right to the edge!


From dust to snow! A surprise to wake up to a white blanket of snow this morning.

Early Morning Snowman

Waving goodbye to Dylan – who got out of his tent this morning and walked 5km through the snow blizzard before he knocked on our door to warm up by the fire.


The boys are no longer complaining that they miss building snowmen!

Last Supper

The boys eating some bread together with their new friend for the last time.

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