Moses and Caspar span every prayer barrel around the monastery and Turis and Herbie made a pretty good effort too!

Hill View

Climbing the steps to the temple on the hill overlooking the monastry. Each Buddha has a different expression and hand position.

Unexpected Stop

Our driver took us on a detour to a couple of families with children living in Gers to break up the journey to Erdenet. Football turned into fishing games when the ball landed in the stream – fun was had by all despite not speaking the same language!

Racing Cars

New games with new friends Tony and Marek when we stayed with them.

Back in Town Again

No luck leaving with the bus today – we spent five hours waiting for it to leave. Eventually we had enough so got off, hauled all our kit off the roof and went back to where we stayed before. The cattle beat us to it though.


Not giving up on getting to Moron we get a lift next morning in a jeep with a roof rack. Good job the bikes were well padded and tied on as it was a long and bumpy and sickly ride even if the landscape was awesome.


It took a couple of hours to get the jeep out of the snow. Eventually another jeep came along and at first the driver and passenger gave their wisdom and eventually helped push!

At The Lake

Finally made it and happy we did!


Playing together beside the lake.

Self Sufficient

Collecting water from the lake.

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