Big Buddha

Pretty impressive that this hollow chap is only 26 m tall and filled with 27 tonnes of medicinal herbs amongst other things!

Plant A Tree Day

A great initiative in the Mongolian capital.

Cold Spell

Minus degrees, a bitter Siberian wind, snowy mountains and enough snow to make a few snowballs and get us to buy woolly mittens! Watch the hat Turis!


The traffic and pollution is dreadful in UB – we had seen quite a few car crashes here but on our ride to the bus station we came across this poor little nine year old girl who got hit by a car. The least we could do was try to help keep her warm with our blanket and stop anyone moving her until the emergency services finally arrived.

Mongolian Family

A Mongolian overheard us speaking German at the bus station who had spent studied in Rostock/Germany years ago and was eager to dust off the cobwebs and start speaking German again. We had a lovely dinner with him and his family and stayed overnight with them.

Train Spotting

We stopped by this railway crossing to adjust a mudguard on the bike after refilling the tyres and a bit of a battering on the bumpy bus ride. We couldn’t believe how many trains passed by J


A gigantic wire statue symbolyses the significant mining industry in this area.

The Good Roads!

… In Mongolia the definition of a road could be that someone has previously managed to ride there… ?


Spirals of dust racing across the landscape are quite a common sight.

Stars and Stripes

Turning off on a bumpy dirt track to hunt for a good spot to camp overnight led us across these amazing stripey fields.

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