Camp Duties

Firstly a pole each to assemble, later checking out the condition of the ground.

Musical Dinner

As Papa always finishes first – time to strum a few Childrens Songs to help the food go down.


Cracking sunrise shot whilst off on dawn peepee run.

Big Breakfast

Hot porridge to warm our bellies after a chilly night.


Not uncommon in a land of such extreme climate and wilderness.

Man and His Bike

Sheep Hitch

Getting a lift out of the storm with some other fellas who had the same idea!

Shelter from the Storm

We were happy to get out of the dust storm and enjoy the hospitality of this family in their Ger.

Burning Poo

Fuel for the fire comes from the animals outside.

Ger Cooking

Preparing and frying the dough over the stove.

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