Ost Friesland



So it was even though extremely windy!

idyllic2 idyllic3

Hip Hip Hoorah!

hip hip hoorah

Just showing off today`s treasures.

Air Traffic Control

air traffic control1

Not a bad view of the airfield from the lighthouse – unbelievable how much air traffic there is – a small plane taking off or landing every few minutes.

air traffic control2



Oh why isn’t the lighthouse on Nordeney painted with the typical stripes? The boys were quite disappointed that it was simply bricks until they found out the explanation.


Dune Riders

dune riders1

Here goes!

dune riders2 dune riders3



Back on the mainland serving zucchini and pumpkin butter risotto with a green tomato salad.

Early Mornings

early morning

Uno has become part of the waking up ritual in one sleeping cabin.

Washer Uppers

washer uppers

How many boys does it take to wash up after breakfast?



Rounding up the sheep.

shepherds2 shepherds3

Luggage Carrier

Luggage Carrier

Watching our luggage get transported off the ferry – by far the most fascinating part of the ferry trip to the car free Island of Langeoog.

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