Car free Island

No Cars1

No cars or exhaust pollution and 11km long – makes it the perfect island for Herbie to make his debut!

No Cars2

  • I have Beenhakker following your journey since i passed you by on a little ferry inne northern Poland. You give a great example for many parents 🙂 and i hope one Ady I will be able to go on a similar trip. Dań you share with us what island you are talking about, Magda from Poland, mom to 3 wonderful kids

    September 4, 2014at06:14
  • Martin

    Hi Magda,

    the island is called “Langeoog” and belongs to the seven islands along the “Ostfrieslandcoast” in the North Sea of Germany.

    Good luck with your plans,

    September 5, 2014at06:09