Ost Friesland

Jump For Joy!

Jump for Joy1

So many sea shore treasures to be found hidden in between the stones.

Jump for Joy2 Jump for Joy3

One Little Indian

One Little Indian

Proudly displaying his ‘enormal’ feathers that he just found along the seashore!

Ready Or Not

Ready or Not

Packing up final kit before heading off this morning.

Gate Keeper

Gate Keeper

Ironically Mama`s first turn today caught on camera – Moses was the real champion gatekeeper!

Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow

Much discussion had about colours of lighthouses – this is Caspar’s favourite!

Giggle Pots!

Giggle Pots1

1,2,3 Jump! Now let’s see how many somersaults it takes to roll down the dyke? 15 – as proved consistently by Turis and Herbie.

Giggle Pots2



Dykes make great kite flying grounds!

Happy Days

Happy Days1


Sandcastle Mania

sandcastle mania

Mama’s got the bug – today we built a city with moats, castles, dungeons, draw-bridges, pools and… and…

The White Dune

the white dune1

We had a long walk to discover what the signposts for the “Weiße Düne” were but now we know: a beach playground and café bar – happy boys, happy parents!

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