Junk Bridge

So much junk on the hard shoulder that we had to get off & push!

Canon Fire!

Boys will be boys!


The bike city in the US

VWs & New Bike Stand

Martin, the VW Microbus fan, spotted a garage that repaired oldies. We ended up camping in the yard behind courtesy of Patrick, Nick and Tracey. Patrick innovatively created a new stand for Julie (who had already broken two!) by bending & welding a steel pipe with some precision – this one is not gonna break!


Space Shuttle Engineers

People wondering what our boys are doing in the trailers whilst we are cycling: have a look at the plane and space shuttle they constructed!



Teaching the kids how to wash up without a dishwasher.


Who are the heaviest cyclists in the country?

The truck scale shows our weight: 500 pounds (including luggage, bikes, trailers, children – excluding the parents 🙂 )


Arrival at the beach

Finally we made it to the Oregon Coast – Cape Lookout: fine white sandy beaches – the boys love the huge sandpits!


Sunset Wanderers

„The sun has fallen in the sea! – Oh, nooo! – Bye bye sun!”


Who shot the sheriff?

The boys got to ride the sheriff’s daughters pink jeep while the other rode the trike …


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