Rock N Rabbit!

The amazing rock at Cape Kiwanda & our early morning visitor!


Gusty Bridge of Newport


One of the beautiful historical lighthouses on the Oregon Coast – Yaquina.


Seal Rock

All of Global Mobile Family at Seal Rock Bay.


Campfire Cooking

What’s on the menu today? – Corn on the cob, grilled pork loin & a hot veggie pot!

Seaside Treasures

Mama – Papa, look what we find at the sea!

Hilly Roads

Enjoying the amazing scenic coastal roads – even if they are a tad hilly!

Another Lighthouse & A Sea Lion Family

We seem to have a fascination for these little light towers! – these sea lions too.

Breakfast In The Tent

After a good run of sunshine, the Oregon Mist finally caught us: rain at night, mist/rain in the morning but dry for the rest of the day for riding. So it’s breakfast inside the tent.

Sale For Gas

This retired truck driver was selling his stuff to buy more gas so we thought we’d help him out & bought the little skateboard for $3 –  the boys are exceptionally happy with their new toy even if they only using it as a summer slide for the meantime.

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