East Germany

One for the Ladies

One for the ladies

Outside the Frauenkirche – Church of Our Lady – bombed to rubble in WWII but resurrected in 2005.



Lunch on the bench at the playground overlooking the market square.

Adventure On The Elbe!

Adventure on the Elbe1

Great location for a flying fox and whirly seesaw.

Adventure on the Elbe2 Adventure on the Elbe3 Adventure on the Elbe4

View From Below

view from below1

First sightings of The Bastei bridge in the Saxon Switzerland.

view from below2 view from below3b

view from below4

I’m Watching You!

Admiring the view – totally clear blue skies this morning – hard to believe that the whole campsite was completely underwater a few months ago!

I'm Watching You

Bank Rolling

Not robbing… Cool things to do while Mama and Papa are packing up!

Bank Rolling

All Together Now!

All Together Now1

Guess who is the trouble monster!

All Together Now2

Right Up There!

Right Up There1

Breathtaking! But we were a little cautious with the children too near the edge.. Haven’t googled it but someone must have counted how many steps – surely?

Right Up There2

Right Up There3

Climbers’ Paradise

Climbers Paradise1

Look carefully! Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful playground or…

Climbers Paradise2 Climbers Paradise3



Moses and Caspar went on ahead and hid in this hidey hole in absolute silence unknown for a good fifteen minutes whilst Mama and Turis waited just beside them unsuspectingly for Papa to make his way down with Herbie – then they sprung out and made us all jump and roar with laughter!

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