East Germany

Towers of Erfurt

Towers of Erfurt1

Some old some “man made!”

Towers of Erfurt2 Towers of Erfurt3

Anyone For Toast?

Toast Anyone

Of course in Germany there is a cartoon about bread!

Live Workshop Action!

Live Workshop Action

Watching the puppets’ feet and hair being painted. They were the most life-like puppets that I’ve ever seen. Can anyone guess how long it generally takes to complete such a puppet?

Bridge of Houses

House of Bridges

The “Krämerbrücke” – the only one of it’s kind in Europe: 32 half-timber houses.

Cooling Off

Cool Off

On our round bike tour of Erfurt – enjoying homemade icecream and wafers with new friends.

Sleeping In The Office

The Office

Our fantastic accommodation in a surveyors’ office right in the heart of Erfurt – Moses and Caspar made their beds under the desk – thanks to Brunhilde and Manfred from Pension Maria, Gotha.

More Cartoons


The boys were delighted to discover Janosch’s Tigerducky  to climb on and the beloved Sandman complete with his bag of sand.


The Quiz Begins

The Quiz Begins

Anyone recognise these fellas? Clue: we found them in Weimar.

One Man And His Bike

One Man AndHis Bike

Caspar playing gatekeeper at the Summer Palace.


Disaster 1

Whilst riding on this children’s railway around the lake – down came the rain and how the wind blew. Meanwhile back at the campsite… Papa thought that it wasn’t necessary to secure the tent properly…

Disaster 2

Luckily the rest of the day was sunny so we could dry all our sleeping bags out!

Disaster 3

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