East Germany

Team Glauer

Team Glauer1

Get set! Go! Taking advantage of the bike path to give all team members a good run out today. Enjoying a bit of banter as they go.

Team Glauer2 Team Glauer3



Only water – from our much loved “ pee-pee” bag.



It´s not always fields and countryside as we make our way under the subway towards the city of Gotha.

Spot of Sightseeing

Spot of Sightseeing1

Riding around the Palace (Schloss Friedenstein) in Gotha grounds with its Orangery & Museum.

Spot of Sightseeing2

Spot of Sightseeing3

Question For You!

Question For You

Anyone know what this is growing in the fields?

The Going Gets Tough

The Going Gets Tough

Let’s say the ground wasn’t easy to ride on plus it wasn’t the first hill this morning – good on Caspar for not giving in completely and pushing up!

Water Works


Investigating the water mills and spring in Mühlberg.


Castle Spotting

Castle Spotting1 Castle Spotting2



But on this occasion one, funnily enough the boys didn’t seem to mind and wished the ten minutes wouldn’t go by quite so fast!

Modern Love

Modern Love1

Anyone willing to throw away the key ? …The padlocks totally mesmerized the boys and they must of inspected virtually every one of them – ironically later they plotted how they could rescue the keys that they had spotted from the river bed.

Modern Love2

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