United Arabian Emirates

Gold to go!

Mama, Papa, can we have some gold please 🙂 ?

Dancing Fountains!

Very impressive how you can make water dance to Arabic music!


Not the biggest but perhaps the best in the world… and how to escape the crowds!

The Corridor

What do you do if you live on the 25th floor and there is no playground around?
– Right, make use of the corridor –  play cards, football and ride your bike up here.

Finally Out of Town

And into the desert – yesterday couldn’t see as far of the next building due to a sandstorm
– and battled on for a very unpleasant  few kilometres before we turned back and just waited.

Arabian Road Sign

This time the local wildlife has a hump!

First Desert Camp

Using huge rocks, bikes, trailers, buckets and bottles filled with sand to hold down the guy ropes – even in this sheltered hollow the sand is still blowing – this sand isn’t like the beach stuff but instead a very fine dust that gets into absolutely everything.

The Real Mackoy!

One man and his dog or in this case camels – for us our first sighting.


Not the chocolate variety but breathtaking!

Road To Nowhere

A photo opportunity that Martin would not miss!

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