United Arabian Emirates

Restricted Access

It turns out we’re not allowed to ride on this highway – but there is no alternative route…

Arabian Sights

… along the Sheikh Zayed Highway towards Dubai.

Tree Monkeys

The boys started a new trend with the other children living here – a lot easier to climb than a coconut tree!

A Glimpse!

… or two of the most expensive hotel in the world: the Burj Al Arab.

Quick Nappy Change

Early Morning

Sunrise across Dubai city from the 25th floor.

The Tallest!

…building in the world. What would you build if you found some oil on your land?


The construction just doesn’t stop –
but it’s not the Arabs building it themselves it’s the foreign workers who have come to have a tax free income.

Magic Horse

Always good for a climb!

Dubai Mall

Waterfall and aquarium inside the massive Dubai Mall.

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