Luggage Carrier

Luggage Carrier

Watching our luggage get transported off the ferry – by far the most fascinating part of the ferry trip to the car free Island of Langeoog.

Car free Island

No Cars1

No cars or exhaust pollution and 11km long – makes it the perfect island for Herbie to make his debut!

No Cars2

Six Pairs Of Hands

Six Pairs Of Hands

When all help we can get the tent up pretty fast!

After Dinner

After Dinner1

To the beach!

After Dinner1b

After Dinner2 After Dinner3

Victorian Times

Victorian Times

Felt like going back in time with the beach boxes however it was too cold even for Victorian style swimming cossies!



Papa’s too heavy to play see saw – afterwards we tried to get a balanced weight with us all – it worked with Papa and the two lightest – Turis and Herbie on one end – Mama, Moses and Caspar on the other.

Not Another One!

Not Another One

Although the boys really were excited to see another lighthouse there was some arguing about who was standing where for the photo…

Football Fever

Football Fever1

This football pitch beside our tent was the highlight of Langeoog for Moses – who spent every minute of his time there.

Football Fever2

Langeoog Riders

Langeoog Riders1

So lovely riding without cars!

Langeoog Riders2

Langeoog Riders3

Bye Bye Langeoog!

Bye Bye Langeoog!

To board the ferry we have to check in at the train terminal – yippee a bonus train ride!