Washington State

Birch Bay – got there!


Long day after filling out immigration forms x 6 at US border. Met Loni & Erik (our hosts to be!) at fab location on Birch Bay whilst looking for campground.

Forest Campground

Fun in the forest for the boys whilst Mama & Papa catch up on maintenance jobs . How long does it actually take to know where everything is in our 14 bags?



Staying at Loni & Erik’s country home brought back memories of the movie Dr. Zhivago (must have been the architecture of the house).  They had chickens and lambs but most interesting two barn owls. Loni told us the story about a businessman in the area who made his money by buying & selling pellets (the regurgitated stuff that looks like poo).

Bike Rack

Sometimes we are wondering what children really need to play … today it was just the bike rack beside a supermarket.

Friend of friends

As word gets around we got to stay with family Lund in Fairhaven.

The boys were made up – friends to play with, a trampoline, train heaven and a sleep over in the gym room.

Not forgetting the friendliest bird – Thor (4th from left!) – jumping on our shoulders.

Captain J

Along the incredible Chuckanut Drive we met motorbiker Captain J who kindly let the boys play pillion passengers.


Campfire action in Deception Pass – Jan & Co. introduced us to The Smore – US tradition: melted chocolate & toasted marshmallow in crackers. Yummy – Try it!

Stick Bread

Coupeville: Finally time to teach the boys a German campfire tradition: sharpen a stick …


… wrap dough around it  & get toasting. Double yummy 🙂

Women in black

Just standing quietly along the main street in Port Townsend  – a silent vigil for peace & remembering the victims of war (one man spotted the gap :))

50% on bikes by 2020

Just one aim of Chauncey’s at The ReCyclery in Port Townsend!

We got to hear of this initiative from two local ladies walking along the bay & headed excitedly up there.


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