Welcome to Thailand!

Nice to be welcomed by some bike tourism for a change as we arrive in Bangkok airport!

Tuk Tuk!

A Tuk Tuk ride through Bangkok – the pollution from all the traffic is horrendous!

Power Nap

A taxi driver waiting for his customers.

The Firefighter

When I’m big and and at school like Moses, Mama, I’m going to be a fireman!

Grand Palace

Sightseeing in Bangkok. Or not seeing! – Being that it had just closed for a special ceremony.

Thai Monk

An exceptionally friendly monk came over to meet the children. Five minutes later he reappeared with a bag of goodies for them!

Brmmm Brmmm!

This faded red to pink car was the highlight of this playground for all the boys.

Bangkok by Night

Cool mobile bar – Complete with disco ball!

Thai Beaches

Complete with jellyfish!


Celebrating the Thai New Year involves a lot of water guns, mud flour and getting soaked! The streets are just not safe…!

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