Statue Island

At the most southern tip of India – India’s Lands End – from sunrise to sunset a huge statue overlooking  the three seas: The Indian Ocean,  The Arabian Sea and The Bay of Bengal.


India’s national sport. Now we understand why India is so good at cricket – as Brazilians play football on every street corner – Indian’s are playing cricket.

Roof Top Sightseeing

After we made it to the southern tip of India we all enjoyed doing some lazy sightseeing before having a cool splash in the roof top swimming pool of our hotel.

Plastic Ban

After seeing so much rubbish along the streets and rivers for the last 400km it was refreshing to see this sign. Vendors wrap goods in old newspaper or use cloth bags or ingeniously even make their own recycled newspaper bags.

Early Starter

Herbie – already keen to get riding a bike and quite happy to help himself to refreshment along the way.

Faces of India

We shared our food with these people who very proudly had their photos taken as they went about their work collecting plastic bottles and moving cattle.