We woke the boys up at 4.30am and whispered quietly that they should get dressed as we were going for a ride in a motorbike Tuk Tuk to the largest temple in the world to see the sun rise. All four were very excited and instantly wide awake – more so than us grown ups!

Early Morning Games

Building, throwing and other inventive play with sticks, stones and grass.

Angkor Wat

Amazing to be inside the biggest temple (complex) in the world!


The pillars inside the temple are great for hide and seek.


Stunning colour contrast – whoever decided on the colour of the monks’ robes really knew what they were doing to create such a glow in the darkness inside the temple!

The Moto

The boys loved riding in this Motorbike Tuk Tuk – especially as our driver wore a helmet and the bench was covered in fabric embroidered with elephants.

People of Cambodia

The south gate leading to Bayon – a magnicient entrance and a flavor of what’s to follow.


Moses courageously chatting to one of the funny faces at Angkor’s southern gate.

Face Temple

Many towers with stone faces make an incredible structure. Despite this the Asian tourists still seemed to take as many pictures of us!


Did an elephant almost step on your toe! Huge queues curbed our enthusiasm to get a ride.

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