Train Spotters

From their top bunks Moses and Caspar have a prime location for categorizing all the trains they see and counting the number of carriages.

Cabin Fever

Preparing some simple foods to counteract the dreaded Magen Darm taking its grip. Fortunately children seem to recover extremely quickly otherwise life in our 4m2 cabin may have been more testing for the 5 day train journey.

Mobile Market

Stretching our legs on firm ground at an intermediary stop. The crowd of people are not boarding the train but buying clothes and blankets from the Mongolian market traders on board and this is the practice at every station. Note the models hanging from the window!

Sleepy Heads

Ready to hop into their bunks – the boys have got very used to sleeping on board trains!

The Boss

Keeping the conductor sweet.

Green Day

Happy to see green grass again and a great view over Moscow from around where Tsar Peter the Great used to reside.

Dancing Queen

Fits of laughter on the bridge outside The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Fortunately for Moses and Turis – who decided that they were brave enough to climb up on him!

Daisy Throwing

These boys haven’t daisies or grass for months so now it’s top of the charts again!

King of the Castle

Hey Herbie! Did you know

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